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Customer Testimonials

When I read the intention on a MotherTongues shirt I am reminded of our common humanity, shared longings and beautiful vision of what's possible. I feel inspired. Hopeful. My heart opens and moves more deeply into Life. - Ann

One afternoon I was walking from the beach at the Saugatuck Dunes back to the parking lot with my family. "Ubuntu" someone called out to me. "A Mother Tongues T-shirt." I glanced down at my shirt, the word "Ubuntu" prominent, in white against the black cotton shirt. He shared that he had the same shirt back at home. This was not the first time someone had stopped me. Many people know the story of Nelson Mandela and will stop me to share what they know about this amazing leader who resisted apartheid and became the first Black president of South Africa after spending years in prison for nonviolent resistance to an unjust regime. People who don't know the meaning of the word ask, "What does ubuntu mean?" I spin around and show the backside of the T-shirt and elaborate.
I love how Mother Tongues celebrates unity in diversity by selecting and honoring particular words from a variety of cultures, words that can't be translated without losing their meaning, words that have something to do with community, justice, living well. The T-shirts, bags, and hats make great birthday and holiday gifts. We can all wear or carry words that connect us to one another, that help us to celebrate the beautiful diversity of our amazing planet. The website is fabulous, too, because here we can click on links that help us realize the amazing depth of one word--its history, uses, meanings. - Kim

I'm picky about graphic t-shirts. I don't want to be a billboard, basically. I like that Michelle's shirts give me a chance to find something that speaks deeply to me but is very subtle, in the actual wearing. They look great, feel great, but the fun is in the discovery of their actual message and the conversation they inspire. - Jules

I cannot recommend any clothing option more highly than MotherTongues products. Choosing and putting on each word is like a prayer or meditation in the morning. The prayer continues all day long and invites others in as they inquire about a new word. Michelle has given me a gift through her mindfulness and celebration of cultures. Now, I can share the same gift with everyone around me. THANK YOU, MICHELLE! - Brandon

I have learned so much about the world's view of humanness through Mother Tongue shirts. I think about the world differently as I become familiar with other peoples concepts. And the shirts are beautiful. Thank you Michelle. - Kari

In a world where there are many words thrown around, Michelle captures the poetic essence of one word and translates it in a mantra for life. Beautiful. Thank you (as I am wearing my Ubuntu shirt!) - Jes

In the summer, MotherTongues T-shirts and jeans are all I wear. I think of the shirts as a body prayer that speaks to people when I wear them. Ubuntu is my favorite shirt. People come up to me when I wear it and ask where I got it because they really like what the shirt says. - Steve

In a climate where words seem increasingly to be used for misleading and cutting down, it is a wonderful thing to have words brought to us that uplift and help us reflect. Our quality of life depends upon the words we use with each other, and Mother Tongues helps us find the high road on our human journey together. We can listen to, respect, and care for each other! - Martha

I'm the only one in my family who *doesn't* have a MotherTongues shirt (someday I'll rectify that). But when I see them on my kids, when I fold one warm from the dryer, I have a moment of peace and contemplation. Not bad for a T-shirt. - Lois

I love your t-shirts! Their message is amazing and they are of the best quality. I love giving them out as gifts. - Farah

I LOVE MotherTongues shirts - fit, comfort, and most of all the message. I never wear Himdag when it doesn't start a conversation! - Barbara

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