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What you wear says a lot about who you are. Buy a tee (or two) and join a community where peace and justice reigns, where cultures are celebrated, and where people, relationships and the earth are nurtured.

ubuntu t-shirt, South African tshirt, Mandela & Tutu
Ubuntu t-shirt, hoodie & socks
I am because we are

Mudita Sanskrit T-shirt
Mudita t-shirt
your joy warms my heart

Gezellig t-shirt, Dutch teeshirt, togetherness
Gezellig T togetherness
that knows no time

Dadirri t-shirt Australian, Aboriginal
Dadirri T
listen. wonder.
nurture. Mother Earth.

Shalom Salam Salaam t-shirt, Hebrew, Arabic, Peace t-shirt
Shalom-Salaam t-shirt & socks

let peace and justice kiss

Zen t-shirt, just be t-shirt, Japanese t-shirt
Zen t-shirt & socks
just be. be just.

Himdag t-shirt, Native American,  man in the maze
Himdag t-shirt

walk in balance

lagom t-shirt, voluntary simplicity, Swedish t-shirt
Lagom t-shirt enough is
as good as a feast

Aserian t-shirt, Maasai, Maa
Aserian t-shirt
balancing peace

Philotimo Filotimo t-shirt,  Greece Greek value
Philotimo polo shirt
have an open heart

Sisu t-shirt, Finnish, cancer awareness
Sisu t-shirt & tote bag
the courage to be

Minga Quechua T-shirt
Minga t-shirt
carry one another

MotherTongues tote bag
Tote bags

carry your world

Scarves organic cotton
extra long organic cotton

Socks knee high organic cotton

Ubuntu, Zen or Shalom

Slow Food Apron, organic cotton
Slow Food Apron - 8 words from
around the world forming a table

MotherTongues Cards
100% Recycled Postcards

six designs



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