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What you wear says a lot about who you are. Buy a tee (or two) and join a community where peace and justice reigns, where cultures are celebrated, and where people, relationships and the earth are nurtured.

ubuntu t-shirt, South African tshirt, Mandela & Tutu
Ubuntu t-shirt, hoodie & socks
I am because we are

Satyagraha t-shirt, India t-shirt, non-violence
Satyagraha T my soul
at peace with yours

Gezellig t-shirt, Dutch teeshirt, togetherness
Gezellig T togetherness
that knows no time

Dadirri t-shirt Australian, Aboriginal
Dadirri T
listen. wonder.
nurture. Mother Earth.

Shalom Salam Salaam t-shirt, Hebrew, Arabic, Peace t-shirt
Shalom-Salaam t-shirt & socks

let peace and justice kiss

Zen t-shirt, just be t-shirt, Japanese t-shirt
Zen t-shirt & socks
just be. be just.

Himdag t-shirt, Native American,  man in the maze
Himdag t-shirt

walk in balance

lagom t-shirt, voluntary simplicity, Swedish t-shirt
Lagom t-shirt enough is
as good as a feast

Aserian t-shirt, Maasai, Maa
Aserian t-shirt
balancing peace

Philotimo Filotimo t-shirt,  Greece Greek value
Philotimo polo shirt
have an open heart

Sisu t-shirt, Finnish, cancer awareness
Sisu t-shirt & tote bag
the courage to be

Minga Quechua T-shirt
Minga t-shirt
carry one another

Mudita Sanskrit T-shirt
Mudita t-shirt

your joy warms my heart

Scarves organic cotton
extra long organic cotton

Socks knee high organic cotton

Ubuntu, Zen or Shalom

Slow Food Apron, organic cotton
Slow Food Apron - 8 words from
around the world forming a table

MotherTongues tote bag
Tote bags

carry your world

MotherTongues Cards
100% Recycled Postcards

six designs



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