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Philotimo polo shirt. Organic cotton. Have an open heart.

Philotimo: have an open heart.
MotherTongues unisex polo shirt: 100% organic cotton, fair labor. Pakistan.

Philotimo is that deep-seated awareness in the heart that motivates the good that a person does. A philotimos person is one who conceives and enacts eagerly those things good.

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Philotimo Filotimo Greek Greece t-shirt describing the Greek value system


have an open heart

100% organic cotton, fair labor

    Philotimo is considered one of the highest Greek values. Live with dignity, love of honor and a respect for the greater good.

    have an open heart

    (filo-tee-moe) adj. Greek
    philos: love + timi: honor = love of honor

    For Greeks ancient and modern, philotimo — responsive gratefulness — is the virtue above all virtues. To exemplify philotimo is more important than having knowledge or wealth. Philotimo as a personal trait includes being loving, kind, respectful, grateful, generous, dutiful, and courageous. It describes having dignity, honesty, integrity, serving others, practicing hospitality, acting with a sense of social responsibility, receiving from others, and protecting justice. Embodying philotimo is to portray cultural pride and to appreciate the greater good. Philotimo, as an inward disposition that motivates one’s outward attitudes and behavior, beckons us to have an open heart. Let philotimo be the guiding principle of your life.

    MotherTongues Philotimo polo shirt is 100% organic cotton and made with fair labor. Pakistan.

Philotimo Filotimo Greek value virtue t-shirt

Philotimo polo shirt. Organic cotton. Have an open heart.

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