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shalom - salaam
let peace and justice kiss

(shah-lohm, sa-laam) n. Hebrew, Arabic
Shalom -- Salaam is a word rich in meaning: Peace, justice, and truth. It anticipates freedom, community, wholeness and well-being. Shalom -- Salaam embraces all people and creation in reconciliation, restoration, and harmony. It is born when righteousness and peace kiss each other and the oppressed and disenfranchised receive dignity and power. Envision personal relationships, institutions, and society honoring the worth of all persons. Ultimately, peace starts with you. So speak with love, build a viable community, and send away somebody unhurt.

The Shalom -- Salaam t-shirt is available in 100% organic cotton, short sleeve in Aloe Green, and long sleeve in Granite. Made with fair labor.
$1 of every Shalom -- Salaam t-shirt sale goes to the Center for Women in Transition.

Read about Shalom and Salam on Wikipedia.

Shalom -- Salaam

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