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balancing peace

Maa language, verb

The Maasai from Kenya and Tanzania gifts us with an understanding of peace they believe is from God. This peace – ASERIAN – includes the people, the cows, the land, and even the weather. One Maasai would greet another: “Kiserian–We are at peace!” ASERIAN allows the nomadic Maasai to experience home, harmony, and wholeness in each other, their cows, the weather, and the land they roam. Kiserian!

Fair Trade Certified

The MotherTongues Aserian t-shirt is available in unisex and women's cut, in color sage green printed with plum. All water-based inks on 100% organic Fair Trade Certified t-shirts.

$1 of the sale price of every Minga t-shirt will be donated to the Center For Women in Transition: helping women and children deal with significant life challenges.

A good movie about “community-based conservation” (CBC) (balancing the needs of wildlife and people) featuring the Maasai tribe of Kenya and Namibia’s Himba, is Milking the Rhino.
A great book for kids 10 years and older, is Growing up Maasai on the African Savanna, by Joseph Lemasolai Lekuton.
Books for younger kids about the Maasai:
'The lonely lioness and the ostrich chicks - retold by Verna Aardema
Masai and I - Virginia Kroll

Aserian - Maasai

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