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Slow Food apron celebrating food and companionship, organic cotton

Community around a table: words about cooking and eating to savor the moment. "The pleasures of the table are the gateway to recovering a gentle and harmonious rhythm of life." ~ Carlos 
Petrini, founder Slow Food movement.
This apron fits in the kitchen or at the BBQ. A great gift for passionate cooks! Big enough to keep splatters off clothes, with adjustable waist ties. Center pocket with 3 compartments. 
Water-based printing on 100% organic cotton, Black or Sky Blue.
India, Fair Trade

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Slow Food Apron

100% Organic cotton, Fair Trade Certified

organic cotton apron
mothertongues apron

about a table
In a world where busy-ness defines life, many of us have forgotten the enjoyment that comes from a meal prepared with care and shared around a table set with love. Be proactive in creating community around you. Invite friends and family and spend time around a table, telling stories, laughing and crying together, sharing food and drink…
Share and savor life together.

hygge - the art of creating intimacy
(hoo-gah) n. Danish
Hygge is the pleasure of making ordinary things memorable. It’s taking pride in what you have now and not just what you want or can purchase owning only things you truly love celebrating every happening and living an authentic life. Therefore, nourish your soul by gathering family and friends around your table. Light a fire and some candles, serve enough food and drink, and open yourself to the warmth flowing around the table.

limin’ - the art of enjoying life
(lie-ming) verb, noun. Caribbean from Trinidad and Tobago
Join your friends from Trinidad and Tobago in limin’. Hang out with friends or gather a group around you. Relax as you celebrate relationships and community while setting aside, at least for a moment, productivity and efficiency.

meraki - the art of soulful hosting
(may-rah-kee) adj. Greek
Create a noise in your kitchen. Invite friends old and new. Prepare them a meal with soul, creativity and love. Together, you’ll experience meraki.

gemutlich - the art of creating a comfortable place
(geh-moot-lichh) adj. German
Be hospitable and create a space where your friends can set aside all concerns. Find community and a sense of belonging devoid of all burdens.

the art of treasuring each moment
(ichigo ichie) idiom, Japanese
With only one life to live, be mindful about every moment. Value each meeting and discover friends and strangers anew. Be enriched by the unexpected.

braai - the art of grilling
(br-eye) verb, noun. Afrikaans, South Africa
More than a ritual, braai is a way of life shared by many Africans. Surround yourself with friends and family while you impress them with your skill in barbequing anything edible.

craic - the art of having fun
(crack) n. Irish
Mix together good company, lively conversation, with much laughter and some libations. Have a good time enjoy the fun.

au pif - the art of cooking by the nose
(oh peef) adverb, French
Be creative in your cooking. Use your intuition, and follow your nose!

Joy Harjo has written a beautiful poem "Perhaps the World Ends Here" about our life around a kitchen table. Read the poem here.

Slow Food apron celebrating food and companionship  organic cotton

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