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Shalom beaded keychain key ring

Shalom keychain made in South Africa.
The Hebrew word for peace reminds us that peace starts with each of us.

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Color preference for border? Black, yellow or brown available.


Shalom keychain key ring


let peace and justice kiss



(shah-lohm, sa-laam) n. Hebrew, Arabic

Shalom / Salam is a word rich in meaning: Peace, justice, and truth. It anticipates freedom, community, wholeness and well-being. Shalom / Salam embraces all people and creation in reconciliation, restoration, and harmony. It is born when righteousness and peace kiss each other and the oppressed and disenfranchised receive dignity and power. Envision personal relationships, institutions, and society honoring the worth of all persons. Ultimately, peace starts with you. So speak with love, build a viable community, and send away somebody unhurt.

Peace is more than the absence of war it includes the restoration of right relationship. So buy a keychain for yourself, your sister, your co-worker, your mentor, and nurture the community you are in...

The keychains were made in Cape Town by Vince and Lizzie. They support their own 2 children and 4 kids of her brother who died, doing beautiful beadwork.
The borders of the key rings come in different colors: black, yellow and brown. If you have a color preference, please fill it in when ordering.

$4 shipping (USA) ($6 Canada, $10 non-USA/Canada) if you order just this one item.
If you order it with a t-shirt or another keychain, you will only pay shipping for the first item. This keychain will ship at no extra cost.

fair trade bead keychain

Shalom beaded keychain key ring

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